Battle Royal

Battle Royal was created out of the need to make/help the sheltered girls of the upper middle class become tougher.

The game is: 1 on 1 players fight in a square of 20ft by 20ft to gain possession and score a ball thrown in the middle. The rules are, "no rules," they can; pull, push, shove, etc. to gain the advantage in possessing the ball.

I became tired of not all my girls being comfortable with physical contact in games. They were afraid of being hit, inflicting pain on others and getting dirty. They had a personal perception of being a “goody too shoes” and that it was bad to not follow societal images of a “good girl”. The premise of this game is two girls race out to the center of a square to poses a ball thrown in the middle. There are two goals on either end and the girls can do ANYTHING necessary to kick and score a ball into a goal. They can push, pull, and shove etc. to gain the advantage to winning the ball.

At first only half the team embraced the game and participated. Parents stood above the field watching in shock! What on earth was going on? I was very nervous to keep things going in the beginning as Debby pulled Sara to the floor and roared at her and flexed her muscles. Debby cried a little, we all held our breath, then Debby started to laugh. She charged at Sara and gave her a full body takedown, kicked the ball away and scored. Everyone cheered Sara’s name and honestly after that everyone jumped in to play the game.

Not only is this now an activity the girls always request for, but at one point a team of mine wrote a song and dance about it.

End Goal - when we play highly aggressive teams, we can match their aggression without fear. We can push right BACK !!!  Who ever said a suburban girl cant be tough is greatly proven wrong after a few practices with Battle Royal, I have seen it happen many times now.